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The Torani Community of Jaffa is a goal-oriented group established in 2008 that aims to reinforce Jewish-Zionist identity in a deep and genuine way. Emphasizing ideals shared by all parts of Israeli society, the result is several developing communities, excellent educational institutions and a sincere connection to the residents of Tel Aviv.

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 גרעין חברתי יפו

The Torani Community of Jaffa

An interesting story that took place this year with the Yifat Center for Jewish Identity involved an Arab boy who wanted to put on Tefillin.

In Jaffa, some of the classes are mixed, with Jewish and Arab students learning together. We taught a special series about Bar Mitzva and as the final stage, we brought a Sofer Stam so the boys could experience putting on Tefillin.

The teacher told the Arab students in the class that they could go out for recess, and to her surprise, Ahmed stayed in the room. When she asked him about it, Ahmed answered, “After learning about Jewish identity throughout the year, I noticed that my mother keeps a lot of Jewish customs.  For example, she lights Shabbat candles like the Jews.” When he asked his mother about this, she admitted, “Until today I never told you, but I am a Jew!”

He wanted to put on Tefillin for the first time in his life.


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“Wooden wheelbarrows appeared, pushed upon wooden beams. Soft, inexperienced hands grasped them. Hands that turned red from tanning too quickly and skin that cracked. But the people knew how to sing songs. The echo on the hills of sand is wonderful. The streets of Tel Aviv heard singing from the day they were born.”

Nahum Gutman, A Small City with Few People.

The story of the Torani Community of Jaffa touches the heart. It is sometimes joyous, sometimes sad, funny, tense and emotional. Just as Jaffa is a captivating city that contains a little bit of everything. Join us for a short journey on the path that we have walked. 



"The Screw of Jaffa was a bit loose, you with your wonderful activities, return the strength of the city "

Amos Edwy Chairman of the Jaffa neighborhood

גרעין יפו

גרעין יפו

גרעין יפו

גרעין יפו

גרעין יפו

“Thief in the Classroom” – A play by the National Service volunteers

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Or fill in your contact details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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Telephone: 074-701-3722

Fax: 03-506-4369

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