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Yifat Center

The Yifat Center is affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Culture and operates in Jaffa, Tel Aviv and Rishon LeZion to strengthen the students’ connection to Jewish-Israeli values and heritage. The Center’s instructors are specially trained before they encounter the children studying in the secular school system. The National Service volunteers who work as instructors at the Yifat Center experience a busy year of activity, enjoyment and satisfaction, at the end of which they have acquired the skills and confidence to take on the educational challenges that await them in the future.

The Yifat Center runs programs at eight elementary schools and ten kindergartens, reaching about 1800 children every week.


Why specifically in Jaffa?

Jews and Arabs study together at Jaffa’s schools, and the Yifat Center plays an important role in reinforcing the Jewish identities of the local residents.


Lend your hand and support our efforts to accomplish this holy and important work.

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