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Union of Synagogues in Jaffa

There are over 500 synagogues in Tel Aviv. Most of them are not active every day of the week.

In Jaffa, the situation is even more complex. Out of about 50 synagogues, most are only active on Shabbat. It is moving to meet the rabbis and gabbaim who are dedicated to these synagogues day and night.

Thank God, there is much progress. When the first family from the Torani Community, the Alpert family, moved to Jaffa in 2007, they began to pray at the Beit Yisrael Ashkenazi synagogue on 4 HaBesht Street. There were about 7 other congregants there and the average age was about 87…

As more and more families arrived, the synagogue was revived. Today, there are about 20-30 congregants at the Shabbat prayers every week, composed of both young families and long-time residents of Jaffa. The elderly gabbai Shalom Wexler is moved every time anew at the sight of the children running around the synagogue and recites the Shehechiyanu blessing – thanking God for allowing him to reach and see this day.

We are energetically working to physically renovate the site, which is still in poor condition.

An additional unique synagogue, Etz Chaim, is located in the Ajami neighborhood about 70 meters from the shoreline. It stood desolate and in dilapidated condition, and the urban building plans showed that it was to be torn down.

After extensive efforts on our part, it was given a protected status and we were notified that it would not be destroyed. Today, it has undergone preliminary renovation and Torah is studied there on a daily basis.

The synagogue has a bright future ahead, since many Jewish families are building their homes on the shoreline. In the photo below, the synagogue is pictured as it looks today and according to future renovation plans.

In addition, the Union assists dozens of synagogues on a constant basis, supplying Torah books in the spirit of religious Zionism and volunteers.



Be our partners in supporting the construction of this synagogue and in renovating and maintaining additional synagogues.

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Etz Chaim synagogue today:
Etz Chaim synagogue
in the future:
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